Shopping Ads - Self Managed

Shopping Ads with you in the driving seat

For retailers who have spent the last few years building their own Google Shopping campaigns and hand optimising each of your products, we know that the right solution may not be giving that all up and moving to our Managed service. That’s why we’ve created an alternative for you to all the freedom of AdWords and Merchant centre that your used to, but also letting you benefit from avoiding the built in Google Shopping fees.

Are you an agency looking to deliver more volume for your clients?

average CPC reduction compared to Google Shopping
1 Billion
weekly ad impressions from advertisers
already paid out in Spend Match credits
4 Days
average time to move from Google Shopping

Since the EU fined Google for anti competitive practices in online Shopping Ads and required a remedy in September 2017, Google Shopping has been charging you a fixed percentage fee on every single bid you’ve placed via Google Shopping.

Google Shopping is required by the European Commission to be independently profitable [from the rest of Google]. Google Shopping currently ensures profitability by deducting a fixed percentage margin from each merchant bid before entering it into the auction. The margin is included in the CPC paid by the merchant… ( )

0% fees on your bids

On average, retailers who have moved from Google Shopping to our Self Managed service have benefited from a 20% CPC reduction, so every £1 CPC you bid via Google Shopping, only £0.80 was being used to bid for impressions, the other £0.30 goes to Google Shopping profits!

RedBrain’s Self Managed service doesn’t charge any fees on your bids, so you can be confident that every penny you spend in our AdWords accounts is going directly into buying more traffic to you. For an average retailer spending £100,000 per month, that’s £20,000 going back into your budgets leading to an average 150% increase in impressions!

With our Self Manage service, we create a fresh AdWords and Merchant Centre account and then hand it over to you. You’re in full control, from all the setup to uploading data into the Merchant Centres and AdWords accounts. It works exactly the same as your existing Google Shopping, no new tools to learn or any changes in processes. After the initial migration, your team won’t even notice the difference!

We know that you’ll have a lot of questions, so we’ve answered some of the most common ones below, but if you want to know more please contact us so we can answer any and all of your questions over email or a call.

Do we have to have new accounts?

If you’re 100% happy to move all of your activity to RedBrain then we can migrate you, however we’d always recommend new accounts.

One of the main changes with the market opening up to CSSs is that you should be free to work with multiple partners. By creating new accounts you can test performance between your existing Google Shopping campaigns and RedBrain, or any other CSS. If you want to pause activity with a partner, you know which account to find all their data in.

Also, if you wanted to benefit from multiple spend match credits, you would need to have a separate Merchant Centre account for each CSS.

It only takes a few days to build up Quality Scores, as our case study demonstrated they saw better performance within 7 days!

What does the Premier status mean?

RedBrain is one of the few Premier accredited Comparison Shopping Partners by Google. It means that we have significant retailer coverage on our sites, deep technical integrations with Google, and we’re serving traffic in multiple countries. We get more dedicated resource from Google to pass onto clients than standard Comparison Shopping Partners, leading to more success for you.

We have been running profitable price comparison sites for 8 years, with more than 35,000 retailers live on a daily basis and over £1b in generated sales a year, we’re always happy to be benchmarked against the competition.

Are there any differentiating factors between Self Managed CSS partners?

RedBrain has always been a company that’s lived by our performance metrics with our retailer clients, including some the biggest names out there like Amazon, Walmart and eBay. We’ve driven well over 100 billion ad impressions and billions in sales to retailers over the last 8 years. We bid on over 110m keywords every single day on Google and Bing, as well as many other channels. You won’t find a partner with more traffic experience than us!

Our traditional model is working with retailers on a pure commission basis – we buy all the traffic upfront and only earn a commission on sales. We’ve spent over £100m buying traffic for retailers on commission only deals – how many CSSs have had that kind of history?

Don’t forget that a CSS partner should first and foremost be a price comparison site. By using a RedBrain CSS product, you get in front of our audience of 25 million customers on our sites every single month. Does others give you that reach of traffic outside of the Google Ad system?
Will the CSS that you work with have as deeper understanding of the AdWords auctions or Merchant Centre feeds as us, so that when you have a problem or an opportunity you can get it sorted as soon as possible?

Remember if you move away from Google Shopping then your CSS partner becomes your primary point of contact for any help with your AdWords or Merchant Centre accounts, to point out new features or help optimise your accounts.

What happens to data in AdWordsor Merchant centre?

All of the data you put into Merchant Centre accounts or AdWords accounts belongs to you, and will never be shared with anyone else. Unlike other CSSs, we partition each retailer into their own accounts inside our systems and only have access to AdWords for billing purposes. For complete transparency, we’ve even written it into our Service Agreement.

Do my third party tools keep working?

We know that you can have some very sophisticated feed management tools that plugin to your Merchant Centre accounts or AdWords bid management tools. The good news is that they will all continue to work as normal – your new accounts are just an extra destination, there’s no API differences between our accounts and your existing Google Shopping accounts.

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