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Google Shopping but on commission!

Ever wondered why you pay Google Shopping money upfront for traffic even if it doesn’t convert? We have too!
That’s why with our Managed Shopping Ads, you only ever give us commission on sales – no fees, nothing upfront, ever.

We’ve spent the last 8 years working with over 25,000 retailers across Europe and the US, driving incremental sales and only evermaking commission on sales. We’ve been pretty successful at it too, generating over £1b in sales a year. We’re now bringing all of this experience and focus on your performance to Shopping Ads

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Google Search

After the changes to Google Shopping that we outlined here, we’re now able to offer an alternative platform for you to get your products on Google Search pages.

Our Managed Shopping Ads service is the easiest way to get started with a Comparison Shopping Service, or CSS. Our Managed Service can run in conjunction with any existing campaigns you have, or we can be your first!

Shopping Ads on Google
RedBrain Shopping Ads - pretty neat huh?

How easy is it?

Well – incredibly! We handle everything for you, from creating the Google accounts, to fetching all your product data, to getting it into the Google ad systems and deciding which users we should get onto your site. The only two things we need from you is access to a product feed and then a way to track the sales with you. We’ve outlined a few of our favourites below in the Tracking section.

Once we start taking in your product data and generate you traffic, it’s then time for us to work together on optimising the commission rate. You can control the commission rate at the catalogue level, category level or even product level, and vary it on a monthly basis. If you’re not quite sure on the right level for you, we can create forecasts that look at your previous traffic and show you what we’ll be able to do based on different commission levels. We want to be as transparent as possible, so any increase in commission goes directly into buying more traffic for you. We don’t want to be just another partner – we want to be your biggest partner!

Why choose RedBrain

Why would you want to use our Managed Ads service if you’re already running your own Google Shopping, or another CSS? Well, we can drive more impressions together than you can by yourself. One of Google’s top suggestions for retailers is to use multiple CSSs to drive maximum performance, and we have a whole page dedicated to the benefits of running multiple CSSs.

Want an example of the kind of optimisation we do to your product data?
Well here’s one from the millions of products we see daily:

Original Feed

Title: iPad
Price: 499.99
Color: Grey

After Our Magic

Title: Apple iPad Pro 2018, 32GB, Space Grey
GTIN: 00888462760799
Brand: Apple
Price: 449.99 (updated to match site)
Color: Space Grey
Product Type: Smartphones> Apple, iPhone OperatingSystem (iOS)

Most companies are happy to charge you money for awesome services like that, but for us it’s just one part of our system as we try to generate you more traffic. After all, the more traffic we generate the more commission we can earn!

Are there any other advantages to your Managed service?

We think so! Our Shopping Ads are only one part of the Managed service, and we’re happy to work with you on lots of other marketing channels. For example we can automatically set up remarketing campaigns so that anyone who’s clicked on your Shopping Ads and didn’t purchase get purchase prompts on other websites they visit!

Or how about a traditional text advert on Google and Bing custom made for each and every one of your products? Want some traffic outside of Google as well? Well we can run complimentary Bing Shopping campaigns or Facebook campaigns to get your products seen by even more people.

The possibilities are endless, and all of our Managed services are driven by the same commission only basis, so why not have a chat with us?


We’re able to work with any affiliate network to track your sales and performance, and we’re probably already on yours! We currently work with AWIN, TheAffiliateGateway, CJ, Impact Radius, Performance Horizon, Rakuten, TradeDoubler, Webgains.

Not on an affiliate network? Well, we have integrations coming with Google Analytics and with ChannelAdvisor, so we’ll have you covered one way or another.

Lets chat about our Managed Service