Shopping Ads on Google have changed!

Since September 2017 specialist companies who operate price comparison sites have been able to compete with Google Shopping for the Shopping Ad placements on Google search pages in the EU.

Google are calling these websites Comparison Shopping Services; or CSS’s for short!

We launched our competitor to Google Shopping in November 2017 and we’ve been driving traffic at significant volume ever since.

You’ve probably noticed our Ads a few times as we’re driving 270 million weekly impressions.

Here’s what it looks like:

Shopping Ads on Google
RedBrain Shopping Ads - pretty neat huh?

Why would you want to work with someone other than Google Shopping?
Well, we’ve got a few reasons that you might be interested in!

Google Shopping isn’t using all of your budget to buy traffic! They introduced a fixed percentage fee into AdWords that you probably don’t even know about. What does this mean? Well, when you bid £1 CPC in AdWords a fairly big proportion of that bid (about 20%) gets taken by Google Shopping as a service fee, and only the remainder gets used to bid against your competitors.

CSSs like RedBrain don’t charge a fee like that, so if you bid £1 CPC in our accounts then full £1 goes into buying ad impressions! Imagine being able to only bid £0.81 CPC to out rank one of your competitors on Google Shopping who’s bidding £1 CPC!

Why even pay CPCs?
Google Shopping is charging you for every click that comes to your site even if none convert! CSS partners like RedBrain are able to offer lots of different models that work better for you, for example RedBrain have a Managed service that only earns a commission if you make a sale! Now doesn’t that sound like a service ready for 2018!

Let’s face it, every retailer out there wants more sales. But your products are only able to show on a really small amount of search terms that Google thinks are relevant. How many ways can you think of to describe an iPad? Well, we’ve come up with a few thousand ways. By uploading your product range into multiple CSS’s, you can change product titles to match different search terms in each. Imagine running one CSS with your iPad and a second CSS with your Apple Tablet – twice the impression reach! Also, to let you in on a little secret – it turns out we are really good at this – after all we’ve only been biding on 300 million long tail keywords for retailers for the last 8 years!

So, now you understand a bit more about Comparison Shopping Services and why you might want to switch to one, how can you do it?

Well, we have two different services that you will be interested in.

They’re slightly different, so we’ve made the table below to help you decide which is right for you!

Google Shopping but on a CPA!
Key highlights:
Purely performance driven - no fees, just a commission on sales
Purely performance driven - no fees, just a commission on sales
We handle all of the bidding, so that we pay the right amount for each visitor to your site depending on how likely they are to convert
Can run alongside any other Shopping Ads, from any other CSS or your internal teams
Tracked through an affiliate network of your choosing or a Google Analytics integration (Google Analytics integration is coming in Q3 2018. If you’re interested let us know and we can add you to the Beta program.)
You set the CPA, the higher the commission the more traffic we can drive. CPA increases are always reinvested into more traffic for you
Works with the rest of our affiliate products like automatic Remarketing, Text Adverts, Display and Social traffic
Used by 2,700 retailers across Europe already!
Works perfectly with our Self Managed service!
No access to AdWords or Merchant Centre, that’s where all of our magic is happening
The product feed needs to be kept up to date so that we can bid efficiently based on up to date prices and stock availability

None. We only charge a fee on a sale!
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Your products, your bidding, your way.
Key highlights:
We create the Merchant Centre and AdWords accounts then get out of your way, you’re in full control and set things up just the way you like it
We don’t touch any of your product data or AdWords accounts
It’s identical in every way to your existing Google Shopping campaigns, no changes to your processes or tooling. Apart from the account ID changing you’d never know!
You avoid the built in Google Shopping fees, so you’re able to outrank your competitors whilst paying less!
You can start with us at any time and leave at any time. No minimum spends, contract lengths or exclusivity. We’re so confident you’ll love it we don’t need to lock you in.
You keep your existing Google billing arrangement, whether thats credit cards, invoices or custom payment accounts. We don’t get involved and can transfer any billing
You can link your new AdWords account into your existing MCC structure so conversions and everything else work normally
Works perfectly with our Managed service!
You’ll need to have a new Merchant Centre account for each CSS
You don’t get RedBrains algorithms optimising your data or AdWords

Varies depending on spend, talk to us so we can understand more about your needs.
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If you can’t choose between them, then the best part is that you don’t have to!

You can run our Managed service alongside your own RedBrain self managed service. There’s no limit to how many CSS providers you can use, and we’re always happy to be benchmarked against the competition.

Want to find out why working with multiple CSS partners is absolutely the future?

Lets chat about CSS

If you’d like to know more about what we could deliver for you, or more information on either, then please get in touch with us. We’d love to walk you through any of the Google changes or services we offer without any obligation.