Try Some New Black Friday Offers for Your Best Year Ever

You will no doubt have in mind some exclusive sales offers which you want to promote especially for Black Friday. That makes perfect sense, but as we have already seen, this is a great time to start the next chapter in your business’s story.

A great way to achieve this is to try out some new sales bundles which you are considering making permanent deals. This is a great time to work out what your customers want, and anything that doesn’t land can be avoided in future events.

These deals don’t just have to be product bundles, you can offer payment plans and free gifts or a combination of all these – the key is showing you offer real value for the consumer.

Getting the Most Out of Black Friday

Black Friday initially exploded, then looked like it wouldn’t last, but record Black Friday sales last year suggest that this ‘trend’ is going nowhere and 2020 is a year where most shopping might have to be online.

So how do you get the most out of this year’s event? Here are a few great ideas:

A Deal Per Hour

Start with some good deals then throw in some unbelievable deals on the hour, for items with genuine limited availability. These flash sales make shopping exciting and are more likely to lead to impulse buys and social media buzz!

Black Friday Gift Guides

Collate all your best deals into a free downloadable guide. This could be categorised by sector, whoever the gifts are aimed at, or simply price; that’s up to you. By making things simple for shoppers, they won’t need to shop around.

A Free Gift with Every Purchase

Give a gift away with bigger purchases? If you find some of your offers are less popular than you expect, or people are ignoring your high-end products, consider giving away smaller items (ideally those with a high mark-up) to add value and win over your most deal-savvy customers.

A Longer Sale with Special One Day Events

Cyber Monday is an obvious example and if tech is just one part of what you do, save these items for each day. This isn’t the only example though; someone came up with Cyber Monday later on and you can create your own shopping day to stand out. Super Saturday? T-shirt Tuesday? Whatever you want to sell, you can use the excitement around Black Friday to be creative and show shoppers why they should choose you.

Get in Touch with Your Existing Customers and Offer ‘Sneak Peaks’

If you have customers on a mailing list, or ideally who already receive a monthly newsletter, then now is a great time to show them that you appreciate their loyalty.

By offering previews of your best offers before anyone else sees them, you not only show your commitment to them, you also create a list of people who will definitely know your event is happening – just remember to include a link.

You can include vouchers too, if you’ve created gift guides the vouchers can come as part of this - so leave yourself enough time to decide on what to offer.

Do Things Differently

This is just a guide as how you navigate Black Friday is totally up to you and this is a great opportunity for your whole team to be creative and really stand out from everyone else – difficult to do, but well worth the effort.

  • Do you have an animated Black Friday video?
  • Are you giving a percentage of your Cyber Monday profits to a local charity?
  • Are you partnering with influencers to help your sales explode on social?
  • Are you planning a ‘last-minute, extended sale’?
  • Are you adding brand new items with a bargain offer for the sale?

Whatever your strategy is, make sure you have several different methods of attraction so that you can actively adjust your sales as time passes to maximise sales and appeal to several demographics.

Black Friday is here to stay and the more effort you can put into it, the happier this Christmas should be for your bottom line.

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