Time to Get Ready for Black Friday 2020

Black Friday has gone from a post-Thanksgiving anomaly, to viral videos of retail chaos, to a genuinely great opportunity for customers to get great bargains and for retailers to make a huge percentage of their profits all at once.

With many people initially put off visiting shops during Black Friday by the fighting and ridiculousness shown on the news, online deals feel safer and less stressful, especially given how retail has changed this year.

It’s the excitement of getting an incredible deal on something customers really, really want combined with accessibility that make online Black Friday sales a dream-come-true for CSS users.


Get Your CSS Strategy Right for A Record Year

If you sell online, Black Friday should be the first entry in your diary every year. A combination of Christmas present shopping and impulse buys as we enter the Winter blues. Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the increasingly long sales window around them can give you a huge chunk of your annual profits in one week.

Huge online sales are great news for businesses (especially at the moment) but the competition can be fierce, so standing out from the crowd is a number one priority.

Best deal Shopping Ads stand out, because great deals appear on Search Engines straight away and towards the top/front of the shopping carousel. Then, one click should take you to the relevant page for a purchase.

Agreeing on which deals to promote, which items you need to shift quickly and creating any new assets or branding for the event are all essential things to get right so that the customer journey is smooth and enjoyable every step of the way.

Get these marketing areas right and you can have a successful Black Friday campaign. Get these wrong and several competitors will no doubt be ready to pounce.


Get Ready to Get Ahead

The first step is…preparing.

The foundation of all your Black Friday success is knowing what you want to achieve, how to achieve it and why people will want to use you.

An audit is a great place to start. Look at all your existing assets and branding – do they scream ‘buy now’? Do you need new assets (probably)? Is there a slogan you can use for the event or any hashtags that relate directly to what you have on offer?

Also, have a look at your sales figures. You might be trying to sell items which are unpopular in this event, but reducing some of your best-selling items will be a better way to attract customers as they might be looking for these items specifically.

If this draws customers in, you can use the opportunity to sell off heavily discounted items even cheaper if bought in conjunction with the popular item so that you solve several problems at once and multiply your sales very quickly.

Finally, make sure that you keep a keen eye on sales trends. If everyone is after a bread-maker this year and that’s something you sell, it’s time to build a campaign.


Get Your Campaign Structure Right

Running Shopping Ads is an artform, which is why using a CSS Partner helps performance. You and your partner should look out for any data-feed errors which usually occur when part of your information is incorrect or out of date.

Look out for issues with images, descriptions, and pricing. Ensure you have the products in stock that customers are expecting especially with current supply chain delays as a consideration.

When all this is fixed and optimised, you can also consider your ad spend as capitalising on this huge event is something worth investing in, or you might have a few regrets at the end of the year.


Make Sure You’re Ready for Success

So, you’ve got your ads running to perfection. Your website looks amazing and you’ve included special headers and branding for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You know what will sell well, you’re practically giving away a few items that won’t sell as well and you’ve been promoting this event on social for weeks.

In short, you refuse to lose this year and your November sales records will set a new benchmark for your brand.

But are you ready for all this success?

Scalability is something which frequently gets overlooked, but increased impressions and sales mean more web traffic. Can your website handle it? Can you fulfil sales online and in store? If the Black Friday event is a success and your brand gets noticed, you might see a record December for your business too. Are you ready for that? What about a January sales event?

These questions are essential for future success as failing to meet demand, or word getting out that your site always crashes while adding bank details mean your biggest success can become the biggest challenge as your brand reputation dwindles.

It’s really important you visualise and predict the sales numbers and get as much customer feedback as possible to understand what the future holds. From this, it’s a good idea to speak to your web provider and CSS Partner to make sure they can handle the kind of traffic you are expecting.

Gather all the data you can, encourage happy customers to write reviews and make sure you have enough people on hand at your business to deal with enquiries. Doing all this means that Black Friday can be the start of something really exciting for your business, so don’t leave anything to chance.

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