Three Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Microsoft Advertising

In 2020, Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads) is still undervalued and often underrated by Search Engine marketers with many claiming there aren’t enough potential customers using the Microsoft owned Bing Search Engine to warrant PPC and advertising efforts. However, current analysis shows that within the US alone Bing has just under 12% market share. With this market share figure, and when you consider the three main benefits of marketing on Bing, (through Microsoft Advertising), perhaps as a marketing channel it shouldn’t be ignored.

3 Huge benefits of advertising through Bing

There are 3 huge benefits when advertising through Bing due to their user demographic, usage and advertising set up.

1) An Older and Wealthier Audience

Since Bing is the default browser for Windows users, there is a misconception that people who use the platform are unaware of other browsers and potentially not as internet savvy. Yet, analysis of American Bing users show that 40% are aged between 35-54, with a third of users coming from a household with an income of $100,000 or more. An older audience with more financial freedom and business acumen means online behaviour and browsing is likely to be more often, and when purchases are made online, a lot more money will be spent!

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2) There’s Less Competition

As there are fewer visitors on Bing compared to other Search Engines there are also fewer advertisers. A shocking insight into CPC comparisons shows that the current average CPC for Google Ads in the US is $20.08 whereas the average Microsoft Advertising CPC is $7.99. Such a huge difference will save you incredible amounts of money, that’s why here at Redbrain we use Microsoft Advertising alongside Google Comparison Shopping to get the most out of your budgets.

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3) It’s So Easy to Set Up

If you’re already running Google Ads, Microsoft has made life very easy for you, as you can simply import your Google Ads campaigns into Microsoft Advertising. Once you’ve created a Microsoft Advertising Merchant Centre, you can upload your Google Shopping Feed and sync the two. This will save both time and energy, allowing you to maximise your shopping ad performance.

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So, What are you Waiting For?

By now you know that Bing is a popular Search Engine and that Microsoft Advertising is an incredibly effective Search Engine option for marketing. Here at Redbrain, we use Microsoft Advertising to boost ad impressions and website clicks, which drive additional revenue you may have been missing out on. Contact us today if you want to find out more and how we can maximise your shopping ads with our high-performance shopping services.

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