As part of its ongoing data insights research, new data from e-commerce platform reveals exactly what the UK was searching for and buying during last weeks Covid-19 lockdown (w/c 13th April) and the results are FABULOUS:

  • Hair Scissors demand up over 3000%
  • Hair curlers demand up over 800%
  • Manicure glue demand up over 600%
  • False nails demand up over 500%

As the Covid-19 crisis continues and we begin to deal with our “new normal” of lockdown, RedBrain data shows the UK’s focus online has shifted away from the early weeks of panic buying foods, exercise equipment and dealing with entertaining the kids to wanting to look and feel fantastic for themselves but also their partners!

Here are the UK’s TOP 50 most in demand products for last week (13th April 2020):

RankCategoryImpressions %Conversions %
1Hair Scissors3439.45487.97
2Fishing Nets1171.283049.36
3Garden Pot Saucers & Trays931.3845.32
4Exercise Balls849.21620.65
5Hair Curlers838.36379.87
6Manicure Glue683.68193.14
7Medical Gloves671.31161.45
8Nail Art Kits & Accessories669.42463.47
9Space Heaters594.26335.53
10Music & Sound Recordings555.72173.39
11False Nails548.59324.44
12Tackle Bags & Boxes445.662993.1
13Hair Pins, Claws & Clips434.4339.78
14Vibration Exercise Machines421.233373.4
15Cuticle Creams & Oils384.511606.99
16Bicycle Child Seats367.61123.3
17Elliptical Trainers322.2398.13
18Facial Pore Strips319.7254.84
19Air Purifiers306.48100.14
20Nail Tools299.5345.55
21Combs & Brushes272.59158.02
23Toy Kitchens & Play Food251.4627.6
25Waxing Kits & Supplies244.788.73
26Feminine Douches & Washes242.75101.44
27Pipe Connectors235.6175.83
28Pruning Shears232.83295.41
29Fresh & Frozen Vegetables230.563783.3
30Hedge Trimmers212.1533.7
31Pressure Washer Accessories202.27-21.11
32Ear Drops201.6752.85
33Paper Towels193.88813.72
34Suspender Belts192.1741.25
35Soap & Lotion Dispensers191.98132.59
36Hair Colouring Accessories182.4729.4
37Skin Care Masks & Peels173.6262.6
38Watering Cans172-3.72
39Sugar & Sweeteners166.98158.41
40Garden Hose Fittings & Valves165.92-28.68
41Lamp Shades164.26246.47
42Heating Radiator Accessories164.1164.1
43Straight Edges163.423308.8
44Water Filter Cartridges162.4315.73
46Gardening Trowels157.44271.87
47Makeup Tools156.73134.64
49Garden Hose Spray Nozzles154.88-49.3


Impressions show week on week % demand growth. The more ad impressions we have, the more demand there is for the product.

Conversions show week on week change % to actual purchases. Conversions also indicate supply, as people are able to buy the products advertised)

Alastair Campbell, Chief Growth Officer for Redbrain comments: “We’ve seen a huge impact on all our lives recently from COVID-19 with fundamental shifts in online shopping patterns as we try to navigate the ‘new normal’. 

It’s easy to think the world has stopped and life is put on hold but our data tells a different story. We are all going through similar experiences and buying lots of the same things, at the same times. 

Our RedBrain Insights offer a view into our changing online shopping habits from initial panic for hygiene and foodstuffs to longer term purchases such as seeds, garden equipment and fitness. Is the nation settling down into the new ’normal’? it’s hard to tell at the moment but the insights into purchasing and volumes certainly show that online retail is evolving but healthy and the UK should certainly have beautiful skin and nails when we emerge from lockdown.”

About RedBrain Insights

RedBrain is Google’s largest Premium CSS partner. CSS is short for Comparison Shopping Service. Born out of the EU’s near £2bn fine to Google in 2017, Google was forced to open up access to its Google Shopping platform to multiple operators. 

RedBrain now generates over 100 million advert impressions, 3 million clicks and some £5 million in revenue every day for its many thousands of retailer clients. This gives RedBrain unrivalled insight into e-commerce trends.

Notes to editors:

About RedBrain
RedBrain is a digital shopping partner to the world’s biggest e-commerce brands. Unlike other partners we don’t require a retainer, a % of spend or guaranteed CPC. We only make money when you do. Period. We enable your digital marketing to drive the highest incremental sales across Google Shopping, Bing shopping and text ads, with no risk. For over 10 years we have uncovered the white space, the non-obvious, the under-priced and the underutilised across search engines and digital shopping to drive incremental sales and compliment your current activity. We are the marketing strategy with the lowest risk and highest return. We are RedBrain.

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