The bike challenge that turned into a race to the line!

Over the last few weeks we’ve introduced a few of the participants of our recent bike challenge. We’ve loved hearing their stories, how their donations are contributing to worthy causes and why they cycle. Today we’re delighted to present Andy Sansom who won a donation of £1000 for his chosen charity by clocking up an incredible distance of 847.6km over the week.

Andy came second but not without causing quite the stir and creating a race to the end. Who was this challenging Salman Salie a previous Cycling World Championships participant?

‘I’ve been a keen cyclist for the past 14/15 years, participating in many events some for charity some for pure pleasure, these include Lands End to John O’Groats, The Marmotte, Dales Struggle and Leige Bastion Liege. In later years I have added swimming and running to my weaponry and have participated in a number of triathlons in the UK and Europe. I can assure you I finish nowhere near the front, however at my age 55 (just) it’s all about participation and not winning!

With most if not all events cancelled in 2020 I had been spending the early days of lockdown attempting to ride all the Zwift routes (Zwift being an online cycling ‘game’). I had intended to participate in the previous RedBrain competition earlier this year, however I had sustained a serious shoulder injury when I came off my bike late May, the day after I retired! With limited exercise and opportunity to even ride my indoor bike, the latest RedBrain competition provided the magnet to get back on the bike and raise some money for good causes, especially as they had much reduced charity income due to Covid-19.

My prize is being split between two charities:

1. The British Thyroid Foundation - who provided much need support and guidance when I suffered Thyroid issues when younger.

2.  The PSPA - My partner Angela’s brother David Back passed away in April 2019 with Progressive Supranulcear Palsy (PSP) the PSPA provided amazing support and guidance to David and his family.

Hopefully the prize monies will assist these charities in further helping others and continuing their research.’

Thanks Andy for making it the most exciting event so far! We're so pleased our challenge provided the motivation to get back on the bike. We’ll be having more in the future so be sure to join in again.

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