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We’re with you on your Google Shopping journey

Google Shopping is one of the best performing ad channels for online retailers, but making it work for your ROI and profit whilst working to decrease your ad spend is a complicated balancing act.

We’ll apply some of the best tech brains in the industry, using battle-tested techniques and some seriously inventive technology to help you reach more customers everyday. All without blowing your ad budget, because with us, you pay on sales, not clicks. If you opt for our CSS channel, we handle the administration of the product feeds and shopping accounts to supercharge your campaigns by enriching data content and optimising your bidding strategy.

  • A fully managed service including Google Ads, Shopping and Merchant Centre.

  • No fees for our data engineering. No upfront costs to Google. You simply pay us commission based on real sales.

  • We’ve spent the last 8 years generating over £1bn in sales a year, working with 35,000 retailers across Europe and the US. Only ever making commission on sales.

  • We use machine learning, automation, AI engineering and our product catalogue of over 2 billion products to create a fully optimised product feed.

  • Our brightest bidding brains apply obsessive attention to detail to ensure we pay the right amount for each visitor.

  • Run our CSS service in parallel with any existing activity to amplify your campaigns further and find the potential customers you aren’t currently reaching.

If you are looking for a CSS partner where you’re managing the Google Merchant Centre and Ads accounts, then our Premium CSS Service might be right for you.

After the antitrust action by the European Union Commission in 2017, Google Shopping is not the only way to get your Shopping Ads on to Google, other Comparison Shopping Services (like Price Comparison websites) are now able to work on behalf of a retailer to connect to Google Shopping systems on behalf of Google. That’s why you might have noticed a change to Google Shopping Ads if you live within Europe, there’s now a link to the Comparison Shopping Service (or CSS) alongside every advert.

Offered as part of our RedBrain Shopping Service, turn average Google Shopping campaigns into high performing conversion machines using product data, feed and bidding intelligence. As with all of our Shopping Service channels, it all works on a pure commission basis. You don’t pay any upfront costs like setup fees, CPCs, CPMs or other charges that mean you’re spending money before you’ve made any. You leave all of the product feed optimisation and bidding optimisation to our team of data scientists so that we can get in front of all of your potential customers.

Working in conjunction with the rest of our channels like Facebook, Bing, YouTube and Pinterest, we are able to refine the user journey as they go from product awareness, to purchase consideration and outbid all the competition to get them from Google Shopping to your website the moment they’re ready to buy.

Already running Google Shopping or CSS?

The really good news is that you can work with multiple CSSs, so whether you don’t currently have any Google Shopping activity running, or you’re a large multinational with an agency already running ads, our CSS channel is proven to drive incremental sales on top of all your existing activity.

Each CSS has a different set of Product Data to bid on, so our unique optimisations mean that the keywords, search terms and impressions we target will be different to any direct campaigns. Across 5,000 Retailers in Europe, our average overlap rate with direct campaigns is less than 15%, and even where there is overlap more than 90% of those impressions are won by the direct campaign. For one of the largest UK retailers, GAME, we were able to add 30% in incremental sales without any impact on their own campaigns. You can read more about their experience of running our CSS channel in conjunction with their own campaign on their case study.

Flexible set-up

Just let us know when you’re ready to get started and we’ll make the magic happen. The only two things we need from you are access to a product feed and then a way to track the sales with you. We have a comprehensive list of all the platforms we’re currently integrated with for product feed and sale tracking integrations.

Once your feed is live and generating traffic, it’s time for us to work together on optimising the commission rate. You can control the commission rate at a catalogue level, category level or even product level, and vary it on a monthly basis. If you’re not quite sure on the right level for you, we can create forecasts that look at your previous traffic and show you what we’ll be able to do based on different commission levels. We aim to be as transparent as possible, so any increase in commission goes directly into buying more traffic for you.

Remarketing and seeking engagement beyond Google

You can use our RedBrain Shopping Service just for CSS, but our real magic is when we can combine all of the channels available to reach all of your potential customers. We go a whole lot further than simply achieving perfect Google ad placements for our Shopping Service clients.We integrate technology-driven remarketing tactics into all of our bid strategies. So if you don’t convert a buyer after their first visit to your site, we’ll retarget them with ads that will capture their attention later in their customer journey, across placements like Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and many more. You get to put your products at every stage of the purchase consideration funnel, from becoming aware of a product range, to researching more information and pricing, to finally completing the purchase. We get to drive you more sales and earn more commission; the ultimate win-win.


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If you’d like to understand about any of our channels or how we can work with you on them then please get in touch below. If you think we’re missing an opportunity, let us know too as we want to be in front of as many potential customers as possible!


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