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The RedBrain Shopping Service connects you to all of your customers, regardless of where they are online. We give you full control over how and where our ads appear, with the ability to opt in or out of each channel individually. However if you opt into all of our channels we’re in a unique position to target all of your potential customers at the right time, every time.

Whether your perfect customer is researching prices, watching YouTube, Googling product descriptions, browsing Facebook or searching for SKUs we keep an eye on them throughout the sales process so that we can capture them at the right moment and make sure you don’t lose out a sale to your competitors. It means that when we know they are about to purchase, we’ll outbid all the competition, because we want to drive that sale as much as you – after all we’re only ever paid on commission!

We are connected with most of the big advertising engines and we’re always expanding our network to connect with more of your potential customers. Below you can find information on the ones that we work with and the type of advertising we run.

Price Comparison

Status: Available to all Customers

Our Price Comparison sites have been running for 9 years and are at the heart of our business. We serve 25 million unique visitors in the EU and up to 50 million across the US & CA, helping to match customers with the biggest range of retailers to help them find the right match based on price, delivery times, trust scores and much much more.

We own and operate 50 price comparison sites, with whole of market sites like RedBrain, Compare99 (US) or IdealPrice (UK) showcasing every product imaginable, and then more niche comparison sites like Catwalk (UK), DoingUp (US) or eCompare (UK) targeting specific product ranges.

By default all of our Retailers are shown on all relevant Price Comparison sites, however you can opt in or out of sites individually or in aggregate.

Google Comparison Shopping

Status: Available to all Customers who ship to the EU

RedBrain partnered with Google for the Comparison Shopping program at launch in September 2017 and has grown to be the largest CSS provider by retailer count throughout Europe. As a Premium CSS provider, the RedBrain Shopping Service CSS channel provides all the benefits of Google Shopping Ads but on a pure commission basis. Move your CPC bids and upfront fees to paying only if you make a sale.

If you are already running your own Google Shopping activity, our Google Comparison Shopping channel can run in parallel to deliver incremental sales. Because we optimise your product data using our unique insights, we will bid on different terms and impressions to any of your existing campaigns. GAME ran our Comparison Shopping Ads in conjunction with their own activity and found that we added 30% more Shopping Ad revenue without any overlap with their own campaigns.

Bing Shopping

Status: Available to all Customers

Our Bing Shopping channel runs in a similar way to Google Shopping, but expanding you to an even bigger audience. Bing Shopping ads not only show on Bing Searches but are included in lots of other Microsoft products like Windows 10 and Bing Image Search, as well as many syndication partners.

We automate everything end to end, from optimising your product data to match the unique requirements and ranking factors of Bing Shopping, to controlling the bids for maximum traffic at the commission level of your choosing.

Bing Shopping placements are currently available in the US, CA, UK, DE and FR and we will add in additional countries as soon as they become available.

Display & Remarketing

Status: BETA

Release: H1 2019

For retailers with compliant privacy policies, we are able to run Display and Remarketing campaigns. These work by identifying the products that a potential customer is interested in, and then showing them adverts on partner ad networks with the most relevant information for that customer, for example an image, price and delivery lead time.

These campaigns help convert considered purchases, particularly on bigger ticket items like Electronics or Home Furnishings. We consider activity from the last 30 days to get a real picture of all of the purchase consideration factors and then get our ads in front of the customer at the right time. This channel combined with our other activity helps us deliver higher conversion rates and a stronger ROI.

This feature is currently in BETA and available upon request. There are some compliance checks that must be considered to ensure that both our advertising and your websites are adhering to the GDPR and other relevant legislation. For more information please get in touch.

Facebook Product Ads

Status: Early Access

Release: H1 2019

Facebook Product Ads are the perfect way for us to build both passive product awareness, create a link between your brand and the product range, and then drive clicks when the potential customer is ready to purchase.

Our Shopping Service works to optimise your product data on a continual basis so that surfaces the most relevant details to customers, and we update the bids multiple times a day to reflect the competitive bidding landscape.

Whether you’re already running Facebook Ads or not, adding our Facebook Ads channel into the mix will capture incremental sales that your currently missing out on.

Google Ads

Status: Available to all Customers

Google Ads has a special place in our hearts – we’ve been running them at scale on behalf of retailers for almost 9 years! On a daily basis we can generate over 2 billion keywords, pick the best ones and then put them to work on Google Search result pages.

We generated over 100 billion ad impressions in a single year, so we know exactly what converts and doesn’t work so well, meaning that you get to avoid all of our original mistakes and just take traffic that we know delivers sales.

Our Google Ads traffic isn’t “Direct to Site”, all visitors land at a page on a RedBrain site before reaching you. We do this so that we can tailor the customers experience based on the search, for example someone searching for Televisions might want to see a range of product options, whereas someone searching a product model number wants to see lots of detail on a specific product.

We’ve put years of work into our AI to deliver a perfect customer journey, so let us show you how well it can perform for your product ranges.

Pinterest Ads

Status: Early Access

Release: H2 2019

Pinterest has become the go-to destination for Fashion and Home & Garden shoppers in particular. With 250 million monthly active users across the world, our favourite description of Pinterest as a catalogue of ideas that inspires users to go out and buy that thing gives you an idea about why it’s such a priority for us and should be for you.

Currently in a testing phase and planned for release in the second half of 2019 ahead of the peak Shopping season, our integration will make sure that your products are getting in front of potential customers in the discovery or purchase consideration phases of their online shopping journey. That then feeds back into our intelligent bidding algorithms across other channels so that if they then go to Google we know the products they are already most likely to be interested in.

Chat Bots

Status: Early Access

Release: H1 2019

Chat Bots are becoming a more and more popular way for consumers to find products and communicate with retailers. Asking Alexa to add a new item to your Amazon Shopping list, asking Google on your phone or Google Home for information about a product, or talking to a Price Comparison chat bot on Facebook are all ways we’ve seen consumers wanting to make their Shopping experience more integrated and seamless.

Launching first with a RedBrain branded Facebook Chat bot, an Alexa and Google Home chat bots won’t be far behind. We will use all of our product intelligence to have engaging, interactive conversations with potential customers and send them to you when they are ready to make a sale.


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