Boost your sales without blowing your budget

When it comes to e-commerce, there are few ad channels more effective than Google Shopping. However, making it work for your ROI without breaking the bank is a tricky balancing act.

Our staff are some of the brainiest in the industry, utilising their nouse and some super-innovative technology to bring you more customers through online advertising each day. Without blowing your budget – because with RedBrain, you pay for sales, not clicks.

Let RedBrain’s AI Shopping Service handle the admin of your product feeds and shopping accounts. We’ll supercharge your campaigns by enriching data content and optimising your bidding strategy.

Fully managed service

A fully managed service featuring Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, Facebook, Text Ads and many more.

Fully managed service

No upfront costs ever

No upfront costs ever. You only pay us commission for sales at a rate of your choosing.

No upfront costs ever

£1bn in sales per year

RedBrain has been working closely with retailers since 2009, generating over £1bn in sales per year for over 35,000 retailers worldwide.

£1bn in sales per year

Attention to detail

Our brightest bidding brains obsess over each detail to ensure we pay the right amount for each visitor.

Attention to detail

Fully optimised feed

We use machine learning, automation, AI, and our catalogue of over 2 billion products to craft a fully optimised product feed for every channel.

Fully optimised feed

Run in parallel

Run our service alongside any existing online advertising - whether in house, agency or affiliate - to amplify campaigns and deliver more incremental sales.

Run in parallel

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No fees, ever. Only commission on sales at a rate of your choosing.


Irrelevant clicks rarely turn into real revenue, so why are you paying for them? We want to boost your sales revenue. With RedBrain, there’s no upfront fees for any traffic and we’ll cover all of the ad spend so you only pay us commission based on your sales.

We know that different product ranges will have varying margins. Different strategic values and seasonality will be a big factor too. RedBrain makes sure we’re in tune with your business, allowing you to customise commission rates at a default value, category level, brand level and even SKU level.

Our custom commission rates give your business the flexibility it needs. We’ll always invest higher commission rates into gaining more traffic. The higher the commission, the more we can pay for traffic – which in turn leads to more sales. Essentially, it’s the ultimate win-win-win.

Want more control over your shopping ads?

If you want a CSS partner where you’re managing the Google Merchant Centre and Ads accounts yourself, then our Premium Self Service CSS Service might be just what you’re looking for.


How it works

Reach new frontiers of remarketing and engagement


We go much further than simply gaining perfect Google ad placements for clients. Firstly, we manage and optimise your product listings on loads of other advertising channels like Bing and across social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and a range of chatbots.

Working alongside our other channels, we’re can refine the user’s journey as they transition from product awareness, to purchase consideration and outbid all competitors to take them from Google Shopping to your website the moment they’re ready to buy.

We also use technology-driven remarketing tactics within our strategies. So if you don’t convert a buyer after their first visit to your site, we’ll retarget them with unmissable ads that will grab their attention later in their customer journey.

Using Google Shopping or CSS already?


Good news. You can work with multiple CSSs, so whether or not you have any Google Shopping activity running, or whether you’re a multinational with an agency already running ads, our CSS channel is proven to drive incremental sales alongside your existing activity.

The quality of our optimisations mean that the keywords, search terms and impressions we target will be different to any direct campaigns. Across 5,000 Retailers in Europe, our average overlap rate is less than 15%, and even when an overlap occurs, more than 90% of those impressions are won by the direct campaign. One of Britain’s largest retailers, GAME, added 30% in incremental sales without any impact on their own campaigns.

Using multiple partners

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