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Increase sales. Not your ad spend.

We’ll apply some of the best tech brains in the industry, using battle-tested techniques and some seriously inventive technology to help you reach more customers everyday. All without blowing your ad budget, because with us, you pay on sales, not clicks. If you opt for our RedBrain Shopping Service, we take over the administration of your product feeds and shopping accounts to supercharge your campaigns by enriching data content and optimising your bidding strategy.

  • No upfront costs ever. You simply pay us commission based on real sales at a rate of your choosing.

  • We’ve spent the last 8 years generating over £1bn in sales a year for some of the biggest retailers across Europe and North America. Only ever receiving commission on sales.

  • We use machine learning, automation and AI engineering to create a fully optimised product feed for each channel, taking into account the differences between a Google Shopping Ad and a Facebook Product listing.

  • Our brightest bidding brains apply obsessive attention to detail to ensure we pay the right amount for each visitor, depending on whether they’re more or less likely to be buying right now.

  • It can run in parallel to any existing online advertising whether in house, agency or affiliate, to amplify your campaigns further and deliver more incremental sales.

No fees. Commission only on sales

What’s your goal? More clicks on your ads. How about a lower cost per click, sound good? Or is it actually a higher volume of sales that would really make the difference to your business? We thought so too.

Irrelevant clicks rarely turn into real revenue, so why are you paying for them? We’re interested (like you) in maximising your sales revenue. With us there are no upfront fees for any traffic, we cover all of the ad spend and you only pay us a commission based on sales achieved. This way we’re all working toward the same goal and the risk is shared

Third party tracking you can trust

We know that transparency online is massively important and we want you to have full confidence in our sales. That’s why we only ever use third parties to track all of the clicks and sales.

We integrate with all of the top affiliate networks across Europe and North America, as well as shopping platforms like eBay, Shopify and WordPress, so we both get full transparency on the type of traffic we send, how well it performs and where future opportunities exist.

For a full list of the platforms we integrate with, head on over to our Integrations page. If we don’t currently work with your shopping platform then let us know and we’ll get right on it.

Commission controls as you want them

RedBrain have been working closely with retailers since 2009 , we’ve gained a deep understanding of the online ecommerce world. We understand that across your product ranges you will have varying margins, different strategic values and seasonality will be a big factor too. With RedBrain we want to make sure we’re fully aligned with your business, so you can customise commission rates at a default level, category level, brand level or even SKU level.

You can let us know about any promotional activity you’re running so that all of our marketing is aligned, we give your business the flexibility to set custom commission rates for a period of time that suits you. We will always invest higher commission rates into buying more traffic, after all the higher the commission the more we can pay for traffic so the more sales we can generate. It’s the ultimate win-win-win.

Add in channels to meet your needs

The RedBrain Shopping Service works best when we can work with you across multiple channels. Why limit yourself to just Google or Bing? Our ever growing list of channels let’s us target and reach potential customers that you might not even have known about.

Through our innovative RedBrain Hub you can opt in or out of each channel individually, so if you only want to work with us on Facebook Ads you have full control. We also let you customise some elements of our bidding, with keyword and product exclusions if you don’t want us to bid on certain restricted terms or product ranges.

It’s feed management (with a heavy dose of science)

How well your ads perform depends on how well your shopping feed communicates with the unique needs of each channel. This all comes down to the quality of your data, how smart you are with market insight, and expertly navigating the tangled web of shopping ad search parameters.

With the RedBrain Shopping Service, we handle the technical management of your feed, using some nifty machine learning techniques to evaluate and enrich your product data, refining metrics to improve your impression share, and setting your bids to attract the best quality clicks. Our data-obsessed traffic analysts never miss an opportunity to boost your CTR (for lower CPCs naturally) by making adjustments to product titles, descriptions and the 70 other fields we track on every product.

Never miss an opportunity

Do you have to manage restriction on Ad spend budgets because you’re buying lots of wasted clicks? We ensure that your Ads are always delivering impressions to the right customers, so you never miss a buyer because your daily/weekly/monthly Ad budget has hit a limit.

Are you currently having to focus your budget on core product and with less attention on other product ranges? RedBrain works across your whole catalogue, with variable commission rates, so you can sell your entire catalogue at a margin that works for your business. Because we’re only ever paid on sales, you know you’re only spending money when you’re making money!

Flexible set-up

Just let us know when you’re ready. All we need is your product feed and to agree on how you would like to track sales. If you need any help or advice, our team is always available to help get you onboard.

Once your feed is live and generating traffic, it’s time for us to work together on optimising the commission rate. If you’re not quite sure on the right level for you, we can create forecasts that look at your previous traffic and show you what we’ll be able to do based on different commission levels. We aim to be as transparent as possible, so any increase in commission goes directly into buying more traffic for you.

Remarketing and seeking engagement beyond Google

We go a whole lot further than simply achieving perfect Google ad placements for our clients. For a start, we manage and optimise your product listings on loads of other advertising channels including Bing and across social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and a range of chatbots.

We integrate technology-driven remarketing tactics into all of our strategies. So if you don’t convert a buyer after their first visit to your site, we’ll retarget them with ads that will capture their attention later in their customer journey.


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