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Tap into a whole new market with Redbrain’s Microsoft Shopping services

If you’ve maximised the available opportunities on Google, you want to reach more buyers (or more mature buyers), Redbrain’s Microsoft shopping services may be for you.
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Every day, we drive consistent
results for our partners

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If you’re not using Microsoft Shopping ads, you could be missing out on a large chunk of profitable traffic

While Google is the world’s leading search engine, The Microsoft Search Network is the second largest, holding over 11% of the global search engine market share which makes up over 33% of US desktop searches and 20% of all UK searches.
15 million unique users
395 million monthly PC searches
96% of users visited an online retail store in the last 6 months

The Microsoft Search Network offers unique demographics you may not be able to target with Google Ads

With less competition and crossover with Google, Microsoft is an ideal solution for reaching wealthier, more mature shoppers at a lower price, higher CTR, and conversion rate.
Mix of male & female
Majority are over the age of 35 with time to shop
Tend to be educated with six-figure household incomes
Spend 25% more online (compared to average internet searcher)

Quickly & efficiently test the impact of Microsoft Shopping ads with Redbrain

As your strategic online shopping partner, we’ll automate everything end to end, from optimising your product data to match the unique requirements and ranking factors of Microsoft Shopping, to controlling the bids for maximum traffic at the commission level of your choosing, and more.
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“Redbrain drive £400m in annual sales for eBay.
Through testing we’re able to show 85% of these sales are incremental to the business”
-Andy Richardson, Head of Trading at eBay

How Redbrain works with retailers like eBay, Nintendo, Boohoo & others


Discuss your budget & goals

During our first meeting, we’ll discuss your products, challenges, budget, and goals and if we think we can help.

You set the commission

If it’s a good fit on both sides, you set the commission and we’ll work to optimize it. If we don’t make a sale, you don’t pay us a penny.

Optimize your product listings/feed

Using a combination of in-house technology and human oversight, we analyze then optimize your product feed, ensuring you’re set up for success.

Data collection & optimization

Once your feeds are optimized, we start pushing traffic to get data into our system so we can assess bids, segment, and continue to grow sales.

Performance report & continued optimization

As sales roll in, we’ll provide you with an in-depth performance report along with strategies for continued optimization and consistent success.
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Is Redbrain’s Microsoft Shopping service right for you?

While we’ve helped a variety of businesses across fashion, electronics, books, footwear & marketplaces find success, our services work best for partners who:
Have at least 10 products
Have a conversion rate of at least 1%
Sell in-demand products with a search volume of at least _
Sell products that are plentiful, well-priced & have strong reviews
Still not sure if Redbrain is right for you? Reach out to us directly.
Microsoft Shopping with Redbrain
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