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From Google CSS to our Price Comparison Engine, Redbrain has everything you need to attract more qualified shoppers and make more sales.
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In 2021, our partners earned £833,000,000 in incremental sales using Redbrain

Your Strategic Online Shopping Partner

Redbrain is not an agency or an affiliate network — we are a strategic online shopping partner that specializes in matching online shoppers with the right products, at the right time.

After working with over 10,000 clients for more than a decade, we have the experience, technology, and scale to provide optimisation and AI-powered bidding strategies for even the largest retailers.

In addition to our experience and unique market insights, we’ve also invested millions into bidding and feed technology, ensuring we’re always offering our partners the most up-to-date solutions that deliver reliable results.

Whether you work for a retailer or on behalf of a retailer, we encourage you to reach out to see how we can help you drive incremental sales.
What we do

Services that compliment — not 
cannibalise — your in-house efforts

And the best part? All of our services operate on a CPA model, which earned our partners £528,000,000 worth of incremental sales in 2020 alone.
Google Comparison 
Shopping Services
According to Google’s own data, over 50% of all Google clicks occur in the shopping carousel. Make sure your products are front and center and attracting the highest quality clicks.
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Shopping Services
Every month, over 6 billion people use Bing to shop. Get more sales by quickly and efficiently testing the impact of Microsoft ads.
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Price Comparison 
Be seen by an additional 75+ million shoppers across the EU, US, and CA who visit our 50 comparison shopping sites every month.
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Comparing options? Here's how we're
different from other CSS providers

Only pay for sales

Unlike other CSS providers, Redbrain operates on a fixed, cost-per-acquisition model, which means we only get paid when you make sales.

Driven by data & technology

By combining billions of data points, innovative tech, and expert human oversight, we ensure your campaigns are always set up for maximum success.

Access to seasoned experts

With 10+ years of experience working with thousands of global retailers, we’ve seen almost every issue and know exactly how to solve it, quickly and efficiently.

Driven by data & technology

No matter the size of your business or budget, we do our very best to operate within your parameters and quickly optimise based on results.

“£400million in annual sales, 85% of which were incremental.”

"Redbrain drive £400m in annual sales for eBay. Through testing we’re able to show 85% of these sales are incremental to the business”.

“Outperformed our expectations”

“Redbrain has outperformed initial expectations and are consistently one of our strongest performing partners in the entire UK program.”

"This is one of the easiest wins you can get."

This is not one of those things that take forever. It's a flick of a button type thing … one of the biggest, quickest wins that I've ever experienced before”


Rich Lane

Partner Network Lead UK - eBay

Donna MacRury

Digital Paid Media Manager at schuh

Simon Griffiths

Affiliate Manager at Shoezone

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We do not hold any product items which we promote on behalf of our retailers so if you have specific item questions please reach out to the retailer directly. Otherwise, if you have any questions about how to work with us then please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!
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