Relaxing lockdown sees the UK take to the water for health and fitness

Online shopping habits continue to change week-to-week, due to both changes in the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions and Summer buying habits.

Rules have been eased in England since May 13th to allow everyone the choice to drive to other destinations and take unlimited amounts of outdoor exercise. This seems to have triggered a sudden rush to take to UK waterways with sales surging for Kayaks and Paddleboards at the end of May.

It’s reassuring to see an almost matching growth in Life Jackets and Wetsuits, showing that UK online shoppers are also considering safety for their aquatic adventures.  Paddles & Oars also grew by a rate of about half that for Kayaks and Paddleboards. Fortunately most people won’t be stuck up a creek, as often they are packaged with your new water transport - hopefully most people will have checked before they buy!

Those staying at home have also looked to water for outdoor relaxation during the Summer months, with a rise in sales for Water Parks & Slides, and Swimming Pools. Back on dry land, a growth in demand for Bicycle Tyre Valve Adaptors and Trampoline Accessories suggests a focus on maintenance for previous lockdown exercise purchases.

The UK’s Top 50 most in-demand products for the end of the May (May 25th) were:

Rank Category Impressions % Conversions %
Outdoor Umbrella Bases 873.37 130.66
Kayaks 345.68 -3.41
Bodyboards 337.11 3023.8
Life Jackets 320.29 532.74
Paddleboards 290.58 268.63
Lawn & Garden Sprayers 280.67 -11.83
Outdoor Furniture Covers 257.24 -37.29
Picnic Baskets 215.06 160.07
Wetsuits 214.57 -19.17
Outdoor Tables 208.38 84.07
Dartboards 205.56 2125
Outdoor Umbrellas & Sunshades 198.86 223.95
All-Purpose Cleaners 192.71 241.79
Porch Swing Accessories 158.82 196.56
Room Dividers 157.4 -35.6
Bathroom Vanity Units 152.97 105.91
Hammocks 152.85 184.44
Paddles & Oars 152.14 809.12
Bicycle Tyre Valve Adapters 150.85 640.6
Bakeware Sets 149.98 423.83
Sprinklers & Sprinkler Heads 149.42 -0.75
Drying Racks & Hangers 147.87 88.29
Bean Bag Chairs 144.2 10.12
Water Parks & Slides 142.62 181.4
Electric Skillets & Woks 141.03 -1.89
Towel Racks & Holders 127.77 86.14
Canopy & Gazebo Accessories 124.15 192.68
Wetsuit Pieces 122.06 50.46
Trampoline Accessories 116.21 13.93
Kayak Accessories 115.44 6.07
Shorts 110.43 15.33
Swimming Pools 110.16 91.51
Window & Door Awnings 107.11 254.52
Bedroom Furniture Sets 106.91 15.96
Porch Swings 106.6 73.63
Wine & Spirit Cabinets 105.14 208.07
Laundry Baskets 104.28 -8.97
Hair Scissors 100.6 319.96
Outdoor Furniture Sets 97.1 104
Eyewear Straps & Chains 95.19 88.44
Floor & Steam Cleaners 93.66 -28.52
Digital Cameras 92.76 290.14
Ceiling Fans 91.03 136.36
Bread Boxes & Bags 89.94 93.76
Kitchen & Dining Trolleys 87.27 72.06
Dog Beds 87.05 63.02
Sunscreen 86.24 118.61
Table Legs 84.6 474.34
Skirts 81.4 5.83
Vehicle Boat Racks 78.57 3562.66



Impressions show week on week % demand growth. The more ad impressions we have, the more demand there is for the product.

Conversions show week on week change % to actual purchases. Conversions also indicate supply, as people are able to buy the products advertised).

“Lockdown exercise is evolving from the initial interest in running and cycling as people launch themselves into more diverse activities. It’s reassuring to see safety equipment accompanying a growth in demand for water-based activities, and there are lots of opportunities right now for any brands and retailers looking to promote alternatives to traditional health and fitness regimes,” said Alastair Campbell, Chief Growth Officer for Redbrain.

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