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You don’t need to build your own CSS

As an agency or representative of groups of retailers, you’ve probably already heard about Google’s Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) program and the potential savings when done right.

Your first instinct is probably to try to do-it-yourself. But building a custom CSS solution from scratch, to meet the exact specifications of Google, will dramatically slow down your time to market. It will also be a constant drain on your resources as you try to troubleshoot a system that sits well outside of your business’ core competencies. These pitfalls can be easily avoided with either our flagship RedBrain CSS or a custom white label CSS solution.

  • Our fully supported white label solution enables you to access the full cost-saving benefits of being a CSS partner, without investing the time and resource into building and maintaining your own Google-accredited shopping comparison site.

  • Customise the domain name and add your own branding so you can take the solution to your clients without having to even mention RedBrain.

  • Your own CSS name will appear on your ads (your CSS instead of ‘By Redbrain) so there’s no need to disclose that your site is powered by RedBrain (unless you want to of course).

  • Every few months Google makes changes, adding new requirements that inevitably require new features to be added to a CSS. We’ll be on hand to maintain and update your site.

  • We recommend that you have at least 100 clients to run a white label site, at a smaller scale it’s generally more cost-efficient to use our Premium Self Service

Although the idea of your own white label might seem like a great idea, we also like to be upfront and say that the RedBrain CSS will always drive more volume than any custom build or white label site. Remember, a CSS isn’t just about the Google Shopping access, it’s first and foremost objective is to build a great Comparison Shopping experience for users. The RedBrain CSS receives 25 million unique visitors a month and our price comparison network as a whole reaches many times that.


Let's chat about running RedBrain alongside your existing activity

If you'd like to know more about what we could deliver for you, or more information on either, then please get in touch with us. We'd love to walk you through any of the Google changes or services we offer without any obligation.


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