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Build a CSS network that works for you.

We don’t stipulate how you choose between our Self Service CSS or RedBrain Shopping CSS options. We won’t even get shirty if you want to use another CSS as well as RedBrain. Running a variety of CSS accounts alongside each other, or in parallel to your own Google Shopping campaign, can be a particularly savvy way to get the best results. We’ll simply structure our feed to make sure it outperforms any competing campaigns.

  • There’s no limit to how many CSS providers you can use, and we’re always confident to be benchmarked against our competition.

  • Each CSS gives you an extra chance to further increase your impression reach.

  • Using multiple CSSs makes it easier to evaluate each partner’s impact on your CPCs and traffic costs.

  • Launching a RedBrain Shopping Service channel alongside a Self-Service campaign for 2-4 weeks is the best way to demonstrate the impact of our full service approach through incremental sales.

  • With one major UK retailer we’ve been able to increase online sales by 30% without affecting the performance of their own direct campaign.

  • Another retailer is achieving £1m in sales a day through us, with an overlap rate of less than 17% with other Shopping campaigns running in parallel.

On the surface most CSSs look very similar, but behind the scenes we do things very differently. For example, some charge based on how much you spend, others a fixed amount per click. There are a few, like us, that are more innovative with pricing structures (we’ve definitely broken the mould with the RedBrain Shopping Service).

We also use data and technology in different ways. At RedBrain, we invest heavily in developing scientifically-driven optimisation methodologies. We believe combining the brightest brains in the business with sophisticated robotics is the only way to reliably outsmart Google on a huge scale and with the efficiency our biggest retailers today are looking for.

Other CSS providers have a different focus, and this variety prompts a competitive environment that you can use to your benefit by adopting a multi-CSS approach.

No penalties. Just greater reach.

As a merchant, you won’t face any penalties for running multiple shopping campaigns side-by-side. For example, to embrace the spirit of competition on its pages, Google has built in algorithms that manage competing feeds skillfully. If the same product, from the same merchant, is uploaded by several CSSs, Google identifies the potential for overlap, and to prevent a merchant being second-priced against itself, it will only show the product once in an ad unit.

This applies irrespective of the number, or identity, of the CSSs used. So having RedBrain, or any other CSS advertising alongside your existing shopping campaigns won’t inflate your CPCs, but it will boost your impression share.

Let’s explain with an example

The following product data is given to three CSS's to promote an iPad:

origin feed example

On Google it looks like this:

Self managed examplePremium Managed exampleother css's

The RedBrain Shopping Service CSS data provides more information and better attributes. In recognition, Google issues a higher quality score for this ad. This allows traffic to be purchased at a reduced rate.

But even when the two other CSS partners aren’t winning impressions for you on Shopping Ads, working with multiple partners means you’re always getting more traffic for your products. This is because Google matches product titles and other attributes to search queries, so having the same product in three different CSSs with different titles, means it could show on more queries.


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