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Migrate to CSS on your terms

You’ve spent years meticulously crafting your search metrics and perfecting product data – and no one knows your product and history better than you. With our Premium Self Service CSS we host your product feeds to enable you to access more attractive rates on your existing Ad spend. This gives you the option to continue to manage your Google Ads account yourself, defining your own bid strategy and optimising your feed.

  • With 40 approved CSSs, we have unrivalled reach. We reliably hit billions of impressions a week.

  • Your product data will be imported into the RedBrain CSS. We’ll host your product feed allowing you to place bids at a more competitive ‘wholesale’ rate.

  • Your Shopping ads will show on Google Search results page, as well as the Google Shopping tab, Google Image Search and YouTube Shopping Ads.

  • Achieve around 20% discount on your shopping CPCs.

  • You continue to manage your Google Ads account, defining your own bid strategy, CPCs and optimising your product feed.

  • We won’t touch your data, but we can provide support with your Google Ads or Merchant Centre accounts (a significant little extra that not all CSS partners can offer).

  • We have value added services available like Product Feed optimisation so you can benefit from all the little tips and tricks we’ve learned whilst bidding on over 1 billion active merchant centre products.

Save 20% on your CPC

RedBrain is a Premium Google Comparison Shopping Service (or CSS for short), so partnering with us automatically opens you up to a golden opportunity to get some fairly hefty discounts on your Google ad spend. No strings attached.

You probably aren’t aware (most merchants aren’t) but when you spend £1 directly with Google, the first 20p goes straight into the pockets of the Google Shopping advertising sales team (they call it a service fee). Just 80p of your £1 bid continues its journey to auction where it competes for the very finest ad space for your products. Using RedBrain to host your shopping feed erases this hidden fee, so, even if you change nothing else, you get a 20% discount and pay just the 80p that ends up at auction, simply by using our CSS.

We’ve got you covered

We don’t want to tie you down to a specific country or make you use different CSSs per country. That’s why we have 40 CSSs live across Europe – at least one in every country with Google Shopping Ads. So whether you’re a retailer who ships around the world, or a multinational agency with pan European clients, we’re ready to serve your entire catalogue to all potential customers.

There's more to our service

We’re focused on providing a great service at a competitive price that works for all retailers, but we know that sometimes you want more than the rest of the industry. Rather than creating a one size fits all pricing structure, we offer some additional services on top of of Premium CSS access to help you take your Google Shopping further, including:

  • Product Feed optimisation

  • Industry benchmark pricing insights

  • Account Audits and Optimisation opportunities

  • Additional channels to Google Shopping

We’ve got you covered

If you’re an agency or working on behalf of a client, see how we have a Service tailored to your specific needs and relationships.

We're ready for you

At RedBrain, we’ve already migrated hundreds of retailers and agencies <> to our CSS system – our methodology is designed to work on a large scale. Right now, we have over 5,000 different retailers bidding for Shopping Ad space using our CSS. We manage over 1 billion active merchant centre products and in total process over 2 billion products daily. We’re one of only a few Premium CSS partners, which means that you get enhanced support from ourselves and Google compared to working with a basic CSS partner. Shopping Industry trend reporting, price benchmarks and account deep dives are all standard, and optional additional services like Product Feed optimisation can then take your performance to the next level.

Service made simple

The RedBrain Hub coming in March 2019 will take our Premium CSS service to the next level. Giving you full account controls for billing, setup, onboarding new accounts or migrating existing ones. You can get setup and running with CSS in a couple of clicks – no complicated forms to fill out, no long delays or hour long phone calls. Just login, select the existing accounts you want to use and we’ll take care of the rest.

Seamless migrations, no interruption

Google Shopping traffic is incredibly valuable to you and any impact in ad delivery could cost you big. We’ve migrated hundreds of retailers and manage over 5,000 retailers CSS activity so we know what works and what doesn’t. The CSS migration is quick and has no impact on ad delivery when using a Premium CSS Partner like RedBrain.

Simply let us know the Merchant Centre accounts you’d like to migrate and we take care of everything, from double checking the account is ready to migrate, to working with Google on the migration and then letting you know everything has happened. It can take as little as a couple of hours, and throughout the whole process your ad delivery continues as normal.

There's more to CSS than Ads

An often overlooked differentiator between CSSs is their Comparison Shopping website! Using a CSS can primarily be used to drive down CPCs through the 20% saving, however you can benefit even more from the increased exposure on the CSS website. A lot of CSSs have started in the last year to try and capitalise on the CPC savings, but without any of the traffic that established CSSs have spent years building.

RedBrain for example have run CSS websites for 9 years and we have 25 million unique visitors a month just on our websites, no other CSS currently has close to that many users or can put you in front of that many potential customers.

The same Google features you are familiar with

We know that adopting new things can seem scary, but CSS isn’t a new thing. It’s exactly the same Google Ads and Google Merchant Centre tools that you’ve used for years. With a Premium CSS partner there’s no difference in performance, features or workflow to your current Google Shopping campaign. The only change you’d ever notice is that the Shopping Ads now have a “by RedBrain” link instead of “by Google”.

Unlike a lot of CSS partners, if you currently have Google Account Managers then we’re whitelisted for them to continue to advise you and help you with your accounts. We also show across the whole of the Google Shopping Ad network in Europe, including Google Shopping, Google Image search and YouTube Shopping Ads. With no limits on placements, you’re able to reach more potential customers than the rest of the market.

We’ll take our cue from you

Ready to sign up but reluctant to hop out of the driving seat completely? How much control of your shopping ad campaigns you hand over to RedBrain is 100% in your power. If you opt to Self-manage, you continue to manage your accounts and feeds in-house, but by moving your product feed over to us, you’ll skilfully dodge a hidden ‘service fee’ you’ve unwittingly been handing over to Google Shopping for years. If you want to talk in terms of ROI, this allows us to significantly increase your impression share without you spending a penny more.


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