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Google Shopping for the fashion industry: 9 essential CSS tips you should know

Shopping Ads on Google are a great way to find new customers for your online fashion business as they're incredibly flexible and dynamic; perfect for an industry that is known for seasonality. Shopping Ads for fashion Shopping Ads are visual in nature, which lends themselves to beautiful fashion designs and apparel campaigns. With a continued […]

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The Future of Shopping (and what it means for CSS)

Shopping is increasing online with many high-street shops offering no delivery charge and providing added incentives to ‘buy online’. The demand to be visible is therefore becoming increasingly competitive and the need for a Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) Partner that can help you advertise your products to drive sales, is becoming more crucial. In this […]

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Affiliate Networks: What are they and why are they important?

What are Affiliate Networks? Affiliate Networks connect online businesses (Advertisers) to advertising solutions (Publishers). An example of a market-leading Affiliate Network is AWIN who generated €11.1 billion in revenue for its advertisers and €818 million for its publishers in the last financial year, with over 1,000 employees, 211,000 Publishers, 15,200 Advertisers on their platform. What […]

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2020: A Great Year in Performance Marketing

We all know shops have been hit hard in 2020, and performance marketers have been working tirelessly to adapt to increased online demand. If you sell online, then you’ll know there has been an increase in demand with many clicking away to buy online, whether furloughed or bored at home. Online sales have been everything this […]

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If you want to be part of the CSS revolution, it's time to find a Performance Partner to drive incremental sales

Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) Partners are a great way to increase brand awareness, market share and earn incremental sales. But how do you find the right Performance Partner? CSS is an area that businesses cannot do without especially with so many traditional businesses moving online and therefore more competition online than ever before. But…there is […]

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Retail Reinvented Webinar: How Covid-19 brings new opportunities for smart retailers

The retail industry continues to experience massive disruption throughout 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Businesses are working hard to cope with the enormous challenges, but how do you avoid missing the new opportunities which are also available?   Watch three leading retail experts share their insights in our webinar on “Retail Reinvented: How Covid-19 brings […]

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UK Technology Spending Goes Old School

There’s a distinctly retro trend emerging in technology, based on the buying habits of UK online shoppers. Despite the high-quality photography capable with most modern smartphones, there’s been a growth in interest for both standalone digital cameras and video cameras. Sales of smaller compact cameras and more expensive DSLRs have seen an overall decline in […]

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Relaxing lockdown sees the UK take to the water for health and fitness

Online shopping habits continue to change week-to-week, due to both changes in the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions and Summer buying habits. Rules have been eased in England since May 13th to allow everyone the choice to drive to other destinations and take unlimited amounts of outdoor exercise. This seems to have triggered a sudden rush to […]

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