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Microsoft Shopping Ads provide a great opportunity to boost your incremental sales and revenues.

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Why Microsoft Shopping Ads Are a Must
For Ecommerce Growth

Google may lead the search engine ranks, but they’re not the only player in the game.
However if you aren’t using Microsoft Ads(formerly Bing Ads) shopping campaigns, you could be missing out
on a large chunk of profitable traffic. We believe the best way to test out this traffic source is with
Redbrain where you let us do all the hard work and you just pay when we generate sales!

Why Bother With Microsoft When You Have Google?

Microsoft Bing holds over 11% of the global search engine market share and 20% in the U.K alone.

Compared to Google’s 73%, this may not seem like much — but with upwards of 33% of US desktop searches coming from Microsoft Bing (and Microsoft Bing-backed AOL and Yahoo), it’s pretty big and definitely worth testing.

Diversify Your Spend

Diversification is often a key part of a successful paid marketing strategy, and Microsoft Bing could be just the place to find success.

Microsoft Is Not Google, but We Think That's a Good Thing

Because Microsoft Bing offers unique demographics you may not be able to target with Google Ads. More than 70% of Microsoft Bing users are over the age of 35. 

At the same time, nearly 40% of Bing users have a six-figure annual household income which makes them a golden target market.

And Microsoft Users Like Spending Online

Microsoft users are both male and female of an older age with a good education and a lot of extra money to spend.
* They spend 32% more online when shopping from their desktop computers than average internet searchers.
* Conduct 6 billion monthly searches total

Use Redbrain’s Unique CPA Model to Quickly and Efficiently
Test the Impact of Microsoft Ads on Your Online Sales and Revenues.

Our Microsoft Shopping channel runs in a similar way to Google Shopping, but expanding you to an even bigger audience. Microsoft Shopping ads not only show on Bing Searches but are included in lots of other Microsoft products like Windows 10 Microsoft Edge and Bing Image Search, as well as many syndication partners.

We automate everything end to end, from optimising your product data to match the unique requirements and ranking factors of Microsoft Shopping, to controlling the bids for maximum traffic at the commission level of your choosing.

Microsoft Shopping placements are currently available in the UK, US, DE, IT, NL and FR and we will add in additional countries as soon as they become available.

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