Need to drive online revenue? Look at your content marketing strategy!

If you attend any SEO or marketing conference, you’d be hard pushed not to hear the phrase “Content is King”, as Bill Gates said in 1996. That’s because content is still as important today as it was over 24 years ago and as a result other influencers have continued to use or build on the phrase. As Gary Vaynerchuk proves when in 2008, he included the addition of "Marketing is Queen”. So, we can all agree that content is critical to any marketing strategy and it shouldn't be an after-thought.

When you scroll through your LinkedIn timeline today, you’ll see a range of different types of content - podcasts, videos, comments and blogs. Why is it so important? Because, all of this content is increasing brand awareness, encouraging user engagement and driving web traffic.

Okay, so how can I drive traffic using content?

It’s about good content. It sounds simple enough, but to actually produce content that relates to someone and evokes an emotional response can be hard. Internet users consume so much content on a daily basis and are scrolling continuously through forums, pages, channels looking for content that entertains, informs or educates. Influencers such as Gary Vaynerchuck and Ariana Huffington often receive hundreds of interactions on their posts across platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. That’s because these influencers have discovered the palette of internet users, they know their target market, and they are serving tasty slices of content on a regular basis which users want to talk about and share - that’s the key. Produce relevant, interesting and useful content which users want to talk about.

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What Exactly is Content Marketing? 

Creating content that will be published and distributed online (with an aim to drive traffic back to your site) is the crux of content marketing. Content marketing should have a purpose and a Call-To-Action, (CTA). If you sell Chelsea Boots as an example, writing a blog on winter fashion trends will give you content to share such as fashion forums and select social media channels when you can include the boots. If you’ve targeted the right channels based on demographics and interests, you’re more likely to see engagement from these groups for this product. Combine this writing with the correct use of keywords (related to your products) and you could drive large amounts of traffic to your website by way of your blog as your content is suddenly more visible, and shareable.

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And What About SEO? How Is That Related?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the practice of optimising your webpage (and therefore site content) to increase the quality and quantity of web traffic from Search Engine results. There are many factors that affect SEO outside of content, but including a strong content marketing strategy could improve your SEO in the following ways:

  • Blog pages could appear in search results
  • Blogs can be linked to by other sites
  • Blogs can be shared on social media

These factors all have an impact on how Google (and other Search Engines) perceive your website, and the better they understand and review it, the more visible it'll be in their results page. How often do users click to page 2 or even 3 when browsing for an answer? Hardly. So, regular blogging over time, with relevant and well-written content, can have a substantial impact on your website ranking as you appear more towards the top of a Search page and in turn generate more web traffic to your site from clicks.

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Ready? It’s Time to get writing and start blogging!

If you're an online retailer, you'll know how important it is to be visible online to be able to share product information and encourage that all important purchase. So, as part of your digital marketing strategy, think about your content marketing and what information you want to share. Start by making a list of topics that you’re an expert in, and begin breaking them down into helpful guides for people who are new to your industry. Imagine you’re the reader, and you’re learning about this topic for the first time. Taking this approach will ensure that your content is engaging, readable and worth sharing.

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