in annual sales, 85% of which
were incremental.

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Focused on Incremental Sales

Redbrain finds ‘white space’ for eBay and our merchants through feed optimisation, Machine learning & bespoke bidding strategies.

We work with Redbrain across 6 European countries and the U.S.

We’re now able to bid on terms that were previously dominated by competitors
“Redbrain drive £400m in annual sales for eBay. Through testing we’re able to show 85% of these sales are incremental to the business”
Andy Richardson, Head of Trading at eBay
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We’ve been particularly
impressed with Redbrain’s ability
to match their inventory to key
competitors such as Amazon,
Argos, B&Q and Wickes.
400 Million
As a result of this, we were able to bid on search terms where competitors were previously dominant and eBay had no impression share.

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