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Featured: Redbrain's 100 Miles Bike Challenge 16th-22nd May

It's that time again, we have a new challenge! Recently we heard about about this great challenge that takes place for the Brathay Trust and our Redbrain 'Feel Good Club' member Adam 'Tango' Holland will be taking part, his story is truly inspiring. The Brathay 10in10 is a 10 marathons in 10 days event and […]

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REDBRAIN INSIGHT: The true impact of Coronavirus on UK e-commerce. Just what has the UK been buying?

We have analysed data during the UK Covid19 crisis over the last 9 weeks and we reveal exactly what the UK has been buying and how it was driven by the Pandemic’s progression. 24th Feb thru 8th Mar the UK went crazy for hygiene & white goods 9th Mar thru 15th Mar the UK panic […]

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Google Shopping and CSS: Why are brands still overpaying for clicks?

No retail business ever wants to pay more for advertising than is necessary. Additional costs and fees can quickly add up and reduce profit margins by a large amount. That’s an important concern whether you’re just starting your first Google Shopping campaign or already managing a large ad inventory. So why are brands still overpaying […]

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Driving huge growth at Waterstones

By Clockwork Affiliates & RedBrain  Waterstones was founded in 1982 with the ethos to be ‘your local bookshop’. And it has since grown to operate more than 280 retail locations, employing over 3,500 people. Clockwork Affiliates have worked with Waterstones since 2016 to manage their affiliate program. Director Chris Brown has spoken about the experience, […]

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The UK’s lockdown spending shifts to looking & feeling GREAT!

As part of its ongoing data insights research, new data from e-commerce platform reveals exactly what the UK was searching for and buying during last weeks Covid-19 lockdown (w/c 13th April) and the results are FABULOUS: Hair Scissors demand up over 3000% Hair curlers demand up over 800% Manicure glue demand up over 600% […]

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Google Shopping vs Bing Shopping

Google Shopping vs Bing Shopping: Reach, Demographics, Set-Up, Cost and Results Google Shopping adverts are an essential part of the digital shopping mix  to reach customers for almost every retail business. But what alternative channels are available if you feel you’ve maximised the available opportunities, or just want to reach even more buyers from the […]

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Why Use Google Comparison Shopping Services? An Introductory Guide

Are you new to the world of Google Comparison Shopping Services? Even for those with some experience of paid search advertising, the range of opportunities can seem overwhelming. Especially if you plan to work with multiple Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) partners. Our introductory guide to Google CSS will help you cut through the complexity by […]

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The real implications of running Google CSS internally, externally and with multiple partners

Making good business decisions is often as much about justifying a choice as it is in picking the right option. And while the advice in most online articles to work with multiple external CSS partners still remains true, the main reason to justify this option has changed significantly. Having the latest detailed explanation of the […]

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Dispelling the Top 10 CSS Myths

Myths and rumours are a part of every industry, and Google Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) are no exception. Unfortunately, this can often lead to missed opportunities and costly mistakes. By dispelling the top 10 CSS myths, we want to make sure you can base your business strategy on facts rather than fiction. The benefits of […]

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