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Introducing the RedBrain Tribe

We’re no ordinary team of online marketers. Between us we have a handful of PhDs, and have worked for some of the biggest technology companies out there (including Google and Apple). Together at RedBrain, we use every cell of our combined brainpower to develop, test and implement out-of-the ordinary strategies based on impeccable logic and scientific accuracy.

Alex Major


Calum Jones


Paul Humphreys


Andrew Bourne

Sales Director

Lauren Bailey

Affiliate Manager

Jack Chittenden

Traffic Team Lead

Will Barfield

Partnership Manager

Taran Rana

Product Owner

Adnan Fiaz

AI Team

Alex Harvey

Ad Tech Team Lead

Brett Hadley

Frontend Lead

Miroslav Kosteckij

Product Data Team Lead

Richard Scorer

Ad Tech Team

Mitch Eccles

AI Team Lead

Conor Talbot

AI Team

Horace Wong

Product Data Team

Jack Fazackerly

Dev Ops Team

Joe Burnard

Ad Tech Team

Josh Spencer

Traffic Team


Let's chat about running RedBrain alongside your existing activity

If you'd like to know more about what we could deliver for you, or more information on either, then please get in touch with us. We'd love to walk you through any of the Google changes or services we offer without any obligation.


Retailer Team

Contact us if you're a retailer and want to learn more about how we can work together / 01543304760

Partnerships Team

Contact us if you work at an agency or on behalf of retailers find out how we can help you deliver more / 01543304760

Calum Jones, CTO

Contact me if you're interested in joining the development team / 01543304760

Alex Major, CEO

Contact me if you need anything at all. / 01543304760

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