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Data driven. Scientifically proven

Pre-RedBrain, our team already had a glowing reputation for delivering soaring ROIs with its sophisticated approach to price comparison, traffic optimisation and PPC.

RedBrain is not a digital marketing agency running a CSS or side hustle – we’re intelligent shopping specialists. Our team includes mathematicians, AI engineers, and data-obsessed computer scientists, all working together to improve the performance of your shopping ads by meticulously managing the interaction between two platforms – your Google Merchant Centre and your Google Ads account.

When Google introduced Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) in 2017, we took this experience, applied market insight, some impressive AI robotics and machine learning, and created RedBrain to offer a smarter approach to shopping ad campaigns. We evaluate, test and fine-tune our methodologies everyday to consistently outsmart our competition by using the power of science to deliver a better PLA performance for both retailers and agencies.

  • Combining the brightest brains in the business with sophisticated technology allows us to outperform our CSS competitors (yes, including Google Shopping) by providing solutions at scale and with the efficiency our clients need.

  • Using the power of data and metrics, and everything we have learnt from running millions of paid search campaigns, we’ll make sure your product is perfectly placed to attract clicks that convert into sales.

  • We serve billions of Shopping Ads weekly and host over 1 billion products in RedBrain Merchant Centres.

  • With so much product data, from so many retailers, our product knowledge is unrivalled.

  • We use this insight to continually test, tweak and refine our methodologies. For example, we’ll apply our know-how to increase your Google Quality Scores, giving you access to bigger discounts when buying traffic.

Battle tested tactics

Since 2009 we’ve been spending our own money on behalf of retailers, only ever being paid on commission. We’ve invested millions to make sure that not a single penny is wasted and that product data and bidding is running as efficiently as possible.

For example, we supercharge the structure and content of your product titles, descriptions, images, categorisation, and over 70 more fields . This not only means your products match more of the right user search queries (hello increased impressions!) but also leads to better quality scores from Google, allowing traffic to be purchased at preferential rates.

At the same time, our traffic specialists will constantly refine your bid calculations, optimising your CTR and setting targeting so your ad appears in the perfect position to catch the eye of a purchaser just at the time they are looking to buy.

Diversify your traffic. Reach more customers.

Big or small – the reach of brand will always be limited. The best way to reach the right customers at the right time is by diversifying your traffic sources. The RedBrain Shopping Service Channels are vast, and when combined with our sophisticated algorithms and automation features, it’s an incredibly powerful way to get your products in front of a bigger audience.


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