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We're RedBrain

We’re not a agency. We’re intelligent shopping specialists.

We’re not going to come up with wacky ideas for witty campaigns and tempt you to overspend based on a seemingly well-informed hunch. Our team are mathematicians, scientists, AI engineers and data-obsessed computer boffins. We all have different expertise but we share the goal to extract maximum value from every penny you spend on advertising online.

We’ve been in the online space for 15 years working with digital companies on a commission basis. First we transformed the car hire comparison sector and car rental companies drive millions of rentals, we’ve built content publishing sites with hundreds of millions of unique visitors, and for the last 8 years we’ve focused on the online retail market to deliver incremental sales.

As a privately owned business we’ve grown up knowing that every penny matters, after all we’re spending all of the money on CPCs so any money wasted is our own!

We’re on a mission to create the largest audience of online shoppers by integrating with whichever platform works best for them at the time they want to make a purchase with every retailer that can give them a great experience. It’s a huge task, but we’re excited to be taking on such a big challenge and hope that you want to work with us along the way.

Having focused on the biggest names out there across the US & UK like Amazon, eBay and Walmart for the first few years, we had to develop systems that meant we could bid on hundreds of millions of products that constantly change. We perfected the art of building and managing shopping campaigns at scale, and in 2017 we expanded our reach to more and more retailers across the world. We’ve managed to get 35,000 on board so far, with over 2 billion products, and we’re expanding every single day.

About our CSS

RedBrain launched as a Google-certified Comparison Shopping Services partner in November 2017. We’ve been driving traffic to the product listings of some of the biggest retailers out there at significant volume ever since. We’re driving hundreds of millions of impressions every week, so you’ve probably spotted some of our ads.

What is a Comparison Shopping Service (CSS)?

Following an EU Antitrust ruling in September 2017, Google created the Comparison Shopping Services (or CSS for short) partner programme to increase competition in its shopping ad space across the UK and Europe. It’s Google’s biggest move yet in its quest to fulfil its commitment to encouraging more diversity on its pages. This changed the market for shopping ads completely and formed the backbone of RedBrain’s Shopping Service CSS channel and Premium Self Service platform


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