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Redbrain is the future of incremental sales

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What Does Redbrain Do?

We help bold businesses go
places where they didn’t know
they could go.

Bold Businesses

Those that want growth, are prepared to
work with partners and try new things.

Go Places They Didn't Know They Could Go

We generate sales for customers in places
they haven’t looked before and help them
perform at levels they didn’t know they could

Redbrain Core Values

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We are in the performance business and want to win big for both ourselves and for our clients.



… but we don’t want to win at all costs. Our passion to win is no excuse to be unfair or to refuse to help

Be Smart

We love smart, driven people who think before they act


Yet Humble

… but we always remember where we came from. There will be no arrogant geniuses here.

Ecommerce Is a Marathon Not a Sprint

We’re not an agency or affiliate network, but specialists in matching online shoppers with the retailers they should be buying from. Whether you work for a retailer or on behalf of a retailer we want to get to know you and see how we can drive incremental sales.

We’ve been shaking up the online shopping world for over 10 years, investing millions into bidding, feed and tracking solutions to transform online shopping as we know it.
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We’re Building for the Long-Term, and That Means Doing 
What’s Right Rather Than What’s Easy


Our reputation is everything.

We are honest, fair and run our business with
trust and integrity at all times.

We have the courage to call it out if we are not.
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Steve Thomson - CEO

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Office 3, St Ann's House, Guildford Road, Lightwater, Surrey, GU18 5RA