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A new type of partner

We know there’s lots of partners out there trying to help you do more online. Whether it’s your in house team, agency, affiliate network or someone else, there’s one goal – do more sales online. We’re here to help you and anyone you work with to deliver more volume, we’re not an agency or network, we’re the reliable old friend you can turn to and lean on when you’re wanting to grow.

It’s important in the ever changing world of online advertising to be constantly testing out new channels, as well as continually optimising and refining product intelligence, feed optimisation and bid strategies. It’s a lot to stay on top of, and that’s where we can come in to help.

We’re not here to just be a CSS or Bing PPC team, we cover as much of the online audience as possible to generate more traffic than anyone else for you or your clients. We spend millions in product development every year to get better at understanding potential customers better, what they need in order to complete a purchase, and then matching them with their ideal retailer at the perfect moment.

We think our vision and mission statements will help you understand why we’re different.

Vision statement

To improve the online shopping journey for consumers by matching them more intelligently with the products they are looking for and by enabling retailers to find their perfect audience.

Mission statement

Create the largest audience of online shoppers by integrating with whichever platform works best for them at the time they want to make a purchase with every retailer that can give them a great experience.

At the heart of everything we do is performance. We’ve pioneered the paid on results model – all of the channels we operate are on a pure commission basis. We only get paid when we make you a sale, at a commission level of your choosing. It means that we’re not going to come up with wacky ideas for witty campaigns and tempt you to overspend based on a seemingly well-informed hunch. Our team are mathematicians, scientists, AI engineers and data-obsessed computer boffins. We all have different expertise but we share the goal to extract maximum value from every penny spent on advertising online.

If you want to get to know more about us or our team, the following pages outline some specific parts of our business.

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