Intelligent Shopping Ads

Intelligent Shopping Platform

The “RedBrain Intelligent Shopping Platform” identifies the white space in Google Shopping It’s only job is to find ‘non obvious’, the underpriced and the under utilised which means you get the incremental sales you wouldn’t get anywhere else

Driving Incremental Sales for retailers and you only pay commission on the additional sales we drive.

RedBrain finds the white space in Google Shopping to drive you new sales.

This leaves you to focus on your current campaigns which we don’t touch or have any effect on.

What is Google Shopping Redefined?

Search methodology

Identify out the non obvious white space for incremental growth

Sales Approach

Drive Incremental Sales

Commercial Model

We put our own money at risk and charge a % of sales

The Team

A unique team of the smart and obsessive; mathematicians, creatives and AI experts

What is Google Shopping – the old way?

Search methodology

Bid on the Same old search terms

Sales Approach

Cannibalise current campaigns and sale

Commercial Model

Bill you for all impressions or clicks no matter what converts to sale

The Team

Agency and sales types

£400M in annual sales, 85% of which were incremental

£500,000 in incremental sales without impacting in house activity

Every day we drive;

100M Impressions


3M Clicks


£5M Sales


Some of our customers

Get Started With The Marketing Strategy With the Lowest Risk and Highest Return.


Driving huge growth at Waterstones


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Google Shopping vs Bing Shopping


Google Shopping vs Bing Shopping: Reach, Demographics, Set-Up, Cost and Results Google Shopping adverts are an essential part of the digital shopping mix  to reach customers for almost every retail business. But what alternative channels are available if you feel you’ve maximised the available opportunities, or just want to reach even more buyers from the … Continued

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