Savvy shopping


Google Shopping is built on a series of sophisticated algorithms acting behind the scenes. While their service seems hassle-free, it doesn’t take much rooting around to see how tricky a job the user has in picking where to target their ads.

Navigating the algorithmic labyrinth takes serious skill, and many great marketers have lost out on their advertising budget owing to a single misstep.

At RedBrain, we have some of the best minds in the industry optimising our bidding algorithms and product feeds, so why not put your feet up and let us guide you through the minefield of optimising your next campaign?

Supercharged ad performance

Technology + insights = results.

The equation may be simple, but it’s a formula that we’ve used over and over again to solve complex traffic acquisition problems for over 35,000 retailers worldwide. Here, we like to let the results speak for themselves.

RedBrain’s Shopping Service turns advertising on its head.

Rather than chasing our tails considering CPCs, CPMs and all the other ways companies try to coax you into spending your budget, we work on a purely commission basis.

As a customer, you’ll only ever pay us when we deliver you a sale – and at a rate of your choosing. There are no upfront fees, or minimum spends – only full transparency. Even if you have an existing advertising campaign underway, you can still benefit from our incremental sales that won’t conflict with your current campaigns.

Our approach to Shopping Ads


100 billion

ad impressions


1 million

clicks to retailers daily


1 billion

in annual sales revenue for our advertisers

At RedBrain, we utilise our extensive network to mine insights to target the right customers at the right time. People see our advertisers’ products at the moment they’re looking to buy. The result? Better exposure – along with higher conversion rates and heftier levels of sales – all of which makes for the ultimate win-win scenario for your business.

Rocket traffic to your products

Reach new frontiers

Let RedBrain help you go above and beyond your current reach through the help of our expansive network of traffic sources. Whether your ideal shoppers are browsing price comparison sites, using Facebook chatbots, or watching reviews on YouTube, RedBrain will place your products right under their noses…and fast.

Delve into our diverse network