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RedBrain Intelligent Shopping

Reach the world of customers that exist beyond your platform.

How? Using crazy smart technology, sophisticated data science and a network we’ve dedicated years to nurture. It’s online shopping made smarter.

Intelligent shopping

Simply listing your products on advertising systems like Google or Bing isn’t automatically going to take your revenue stratospheric. Sorry to burst that bubble. Google Shopping is super smart – sophisticated algorithms doing most of the hard work behind the scenes, it all seems hassle-free to start with.

But scratch a little beyond the surface, and there are bundles of metrics and about a gazillion different ways to experiment. Getting it right, takes a whole lot of data wizardry. We’ve got some of the best brains in the industry optimising our custom bidding algorithms and product feeds, so why not let us guide you through this mathematical minefield?

Our Shopping Service turns online advertising on its head, rather than thinking about CPCs, CPMs and all the other ways people try to get you to spend your online advertising budget, we work on a pure commission basis. You only ever pay us if we deliver you a sale – at a commission rate of your choosing. No upfront fees, no minimum spends and full transparency. Even if you have existing online advertising running, you can benefit from our incremental sales that won’t conflict with your current campaigns.

We'll take your ad performance to a new level




It’s a formula we’ve used over and over again to solve complex traffic acquisition problems for 35,000+ retailers around the world. And the results are pretty impressive…

2billion ad impressions per month

1million clicks to retailers daily

1billion in annual sales revenue for our advertisers

We tap into our network to mine insights that help us target the right customers at the right time. People see our advertiser’s products at the exact moment they’re looking to buy. The result? Better exposure, higher conversion rates and tons of incremental sales. It’s the ultimate win-win.

Increase traffic to your products

Conquer uncharted territory

To make it in the world of online advertising, you need to know how to optimise your campaigns so your products not only reach bigger audiences, but more specifically, the exact people who are ready to buy your products. We’ll help you go beyond your current reach through our expansive, diverse network of traffic sources. Whether your ideal shoppers are browsing price comparison sites, engaging with Facebook chatbots, or watching reviews on YouTube, we’ll get your products in front of them (and fast).

Take us on your CSS journey

Looking to leverage a Google CSS Premium partner but stay in the driving seat? Then our Premium Self Service option will be the right choice for you. Whether you want to migrate an existing merchant centre campaign with zero downtime, or start a new account from scratch, we have all the pieces in place to get you up and running within hours.

Not only do you benefit from the Google Shopping fees on all your CPCs (approximately 20%), but your products get listed on our CSS price comparison sites across all European countries with 25 million monthly unique visitors.

More Visitors

Better Product Matching

More Sales

Once you’ve migrated you can even take a look at some of our value add services like Product Feed optimisation or Google Ads account optimisations.

The RedBrain Tribe

We’re a team of tech-loving, results-driven data scientists, who love helping retailers achieve kickass results (and we really mean that). Our people have worked for some of the world’s top tech leaders – including Google and Apple – and thrive on applying their tech know-how to the online retail space.

We’ve been shaking up the online shopping world for 9 years, investing millions into technical solutions to transform online shopping as we know it.

We’re not an agency or affiliate network, but specialists in matching online shoppers with the retailers they should be buying from. Whether you work for a retailer or on behalf of a retailer we want to get to know you and see how we can help.

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